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Fagor automation

Jotech is the reseller and authorized integrator of Fagor Automation systems throughout Mexico.
Fagor is part of Mondragon Group: The biggest corporate consortium in the Basque Country and seventh in Spain, as for combined sales volume.

Fagor is the spanish manufacturer of the whole range of components for automation of lines and CNC machines:
- High end CNC controls - ISO or conversational programming and nanometric precision
- Servomotors - Drives. Offering replacement or adaptation flexibility for obsolete systems or just other brands.
- Rotative and linear encoders: Renamed reliability; up to nanometric precision.
A whole range of components for production lines and/or CNC machinery automation, flexible, with flexible and custom made suit configuration and costs.
European technology renamed for decades.
Fagor offers the possibility of CNC retrofits / full automation for old machines and new lines.
CNC refurbish for Machining centers, Boring-Milling machines, Lathes, Surface and Cylindrical Grinders, Punching machines and any multiaxis machine.